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There are many stigmas that still exist around Mexican cinema. Whether it’s pretentious for focusing much more on products designed for festivals or, in the completely opposite case, for the recent spate of romantic and family comedies which sometimes fail to not completely discard the formulas and vices of TV entertainment. However what is a reality is that its existence has served as preparation for many new talents.

There are several (and varied) young people and filmmakers who have taken advantage of this blanket to become professionals in an industry who either due to budget cuts, lack of opportunities or other situations, being forced to cross geographical barriers and take their talents to other parts of the world.

Below you will find the profiles of some of these new talents who we hope will continue to give Mexico a good name and increasingly higher position in the film credits:

Jorge Alfaro

Jorge lives in the city of Los Angeles, where he is a producer in both film and television. Having worked for several years for Cinépolis in the early stages of his KLIC streaming platform.

Jorge recently graduated from Columbia University where he studied his Masters in Creative Production on top of his background in Economics and Finance. His experience in the industry includes a specialization in acquisitions and film distribution, which has taken him to various festivals around the world.

After studying at Columbia University, Jorge worked for companies such as Wild Bunch or Magnolia Pictures while simultaneously producing short films such as Where the Shadows Fall (2016), My Cousin Klara (2015), The Seamstress (2015) and Josh (2015). All these projects have participated in festivals such as the Williamsburg International Film Festival, the Florida Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival and many more.

Adriana Martínez Barrón
She is currently a creative executive at Eugenio Derbez’s 3Pas Studios, althoughin  her short time in Hollywood she has already worked in various positions in companies such as Arenas Entertaiment, Latin World Entertainment for Sofía Vergara, The Gersh Agency, Mun2 by NBC Universal, Warner Bros Tv and Mosaic Media Group.

Her training began in 2010 at the Tec de Monterrey where she studied Communication. During her studies she worked in television production becoming a production coordinator as soon as she was 21 years old. In 2011, she moved to Los Angeles for the Peter Stark producing program at USC and later won prizes such as the Muller Family scholarships, Rock Hudson scholarship and support of Women in Film as well as a $ 20,000 prize from the Peter Stark production grant. With this award she funded and produced the short film with her fellow Stark scholars, titled “Benny Picasso”.

She has been a development assistant for Sofia Vergara’s production company and thanks to her talent for storytelling in television this led her to participate in various programs and series in 2014 and 2015. She currently works with Eugenio Derbez and the former president of production for Pantelion, his co-producer Benjamin Odell.

Georgina Gonzalez Rodriguez

Georgina is a graduate of the CUEC cinema school within the UNAM in Mexico city and the Peter Stark program of the USC which she attended with scholarships such as the Fulbright, HBO and FONCA-CONACYT. Her experience include working in companies such as Fox, Universal, MGM, Paramount, etc. She is currently a story analyst at Story House Entertainment in Los Angeles, as well as a producer at Off-Hollywood Films.

Among the projects she has been involved in “Kiliwas at Dusk” short films from IMCINE as well as the Robertson Street production with the IDFA Fund and The Reports on Sarah and Salem for funds such as the Hubert Bals and the World Cinema Fund. She produced the documentary “Los Reyes del Pueblo que no existe” which earned her awards at SXSW, Zurich Film Festival and the director’s fortnight at MoMA.

Georgina is developing scripts for the series “The Devil’s Playground” (finalist of the Sundance Lab) and “Naïve” (finalist in CineQuaNonLab and the Oaxaca Film Fest), in addition to having written the documentary “Finding the Werewolf” with funds from IMCINE, LPB, NYTVF Participant Media, LisbonDocs and the Guadalajara International Film Festival.







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